Manage your wine tasting notes


DigitalPage is very convenient for organizing wine tasting notes.

You can enjoy the wine and organize notes without having to turn on your PC or set up a separate form.




Only record keywords for labels and search

Take a picture of wine and record it on DigitalPage. If you take a photo of the wine label, you do not need to write down the wine information separately.

Just write down your keywords for search, such as breeds or origin of production.

Once you find the wine through the search, you can check the additional information directly from the photo, so you do not need to enter a lot of information, correct?






Comment and rate the taste

If you have keywords for wine search, you are now in full swing to appreciate tasting.

Write a comment on the flavor and taste and also note the harmony with the food you are eating now. Just make a note of it so that it will not interfere with your wine peers.

Finally, if you set your own rating, the most simple and practical wine tasting note is completed. Do not forget to write down your purchase price and price in case of repurchase.





Links meeting and restaurant information to separate pages

Meeting and food can not be missed with wine. If you put all the contents on one page, it is inconvenient to use the page later.

Keep a record of your schedule and the people you met on a separate page and connect to the Wine page.

Also, if you drank wine in a delicious restaurant, make a separate page of information about the restaurant and connect the page as well.

You will feel each piece of information is recorded more vividly, leaving rich memory memories.








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