Saving locations with one touch using DigitalPage


Need to find a place to meet your friends or lover but can not really remember the name or address of that location?

Due to busy days, we can not remember every place we went or wanted to go.

DigitalPage will teach you a simple way to find the name and location of a specific place without having to ask the question “Where was that place?”.




DigitalPage’s ‘stamp a footprint’ function is used by adding a widget on your device background.

By adding a widget, “DigitalPage Footprint” will be embedded on your device background. (image-iOS)





When you find a  place that you want to visit or even revisit in the future while walking or driving down the street,

press the button ‘Stamp a footprint’ and you will be able to record the name and address of the place in seconds.






If you do not have the time to check or record the address by typing,

simply touch the DigitalPage ‘Footprint’ button and check your page by clicking the ‘View Page’ button.



Remember beyond your memory. 🙂

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