Creating your own recipes with DigitalPage



Having a family dinner party this week but dont know what to cook?





It is not easy to memorize all the ingredients and the order of the recipe if you are cooking something for the first time.

Search recorded dinner recipes from DigitalPage and plan menu items strategically.






Using the event tool, you can input the date and time of your dinner party.

The alarm tool will remind and provide you the time to think about the menu that will be suitable for your guests.





Listing all the ingredients that you need to buy and creating a ‘to-do‘  can remind you to purchase the ingredients the day before the dinner party.

There will be steps or methods that will require the host to prepare ahead of time to establish a deeper and richer taste of the food.





Listing all the ingredients and steps can be helpful if you need to go back and check the recipe while you are cooking.

If it is uncomfortable for you to check the steps using your phone, you can access the page through your laptop. (





Make sure to leave tags on your page so you can easily access this page when you need to.

There are foods that we cannot remember just by hearing the name of it.

Attach a photo of the food to help you remember what the food looked like!






You do not need to remember every details. DigitalPage will remember everything for you. Just enjoy the moment! 😉

Remember beyond your memory.




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