“DigitalPage” is The Application To Hit Baseball Season



Ready for Major League Baseball season?


It’s that time of the year where baseball season begins.

From scheduling to score keeping, try using DigitalPage to help you track your favorite team’s statistics.




Create an event to set the date and time of the game. Insert place to record the location of the game in order to get the stadium’s full address. 






If you are planning to watch the game with a friend, make sure to set a reminder so you can discuss where to meet.

Adding in your friend’s contact can allow you to call your friend easily. 






During the game, you can record the game’s run, hits, and errors to keep a record of that particular game.

By adding in keyword tags like ‘baseball’, ‘mariners’, ‘win’ you can easily find that day’s game result.




Who will be the winning team for this season?

Enjoy the Major League Baseball season.  DigitalPage will be responsible for remembering your schedule. 


Remember beyond your memory 🙂


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