Hype your weekend by scheduling a rave concert with your friends



When was the last time you gathered with your friends and enjoyed a rave concert?

Due to schedule conflicts, it is difficult to find the right place at the right time to enjoy all together.



If you need to share rave concert schedule with friends and discuss which one to attend, why not take notes with DigitalPage?



1. Listing all rave schedules by using the “event” tool, you can input the name and date of the event.

This memo can be easily shared with friends to discuss what day would work best for everyone.





2. Not only can you add events, but you can also insert the location of the event to view the map right away.

“To-do” can remind you to buy tickets so you don’t miss out on the weekend that all your friends have been waiting for.





3. Including an image of the poster to keep as a memory can be helpful for future reference.




Live up to the hype and enjoy the weekend with your friends. Live your life to the fullest! DigitalPage will organize your weekend and record your memory for you.

“Remember beyond your memory” 😉



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