Timely and accurate records for travel expense / Organize and record travel expense


Need to keep track of your expense while traveling?

Keep timely and accurate records with DigitalPage to save money and for future reference!





There are times when we go on short trips and spend more money than we should have spent. If you list all of your travel expenses for fares, accommodation, foods, etc.

you can keep track of your balance and calculate how much money you can spend during your trip. 😉






1. You can start creating your list by entering in the name and date of your trip. Location can also be added to record your traveling route.

Make sure to type in any information that needs to be taken into account for.





2. If you want to notify yourself the next day with your current balance, select the ‘to-do’ icon and write down your current balance as your title.

Including tags to your page like ‘travel expense’ or ‘money savior’ can be keywords that can help you find this page faster in the future.









Remember beyond your memory. 🙂



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