Short comments and photos to create your own makeup wish list


Ever had those moments when surfing through social media and find a makeup that you really want? What do you do?

Normally, you would take screenshots to keep a record, but screenshots will never remind you to purchase the item.

In order to remind you to purchase the item, DigitalPage will teach you to keep records of your wish list so you can purchase the item that you need, when you need it.






1. Compose a new page and input comments or images of makeup information that you would like to purchase.

If you create a “To-Do” event, DigitalPage will remember and will notify you to purchase that item.





2. Once you have purchased an item, make sure to switch the complete button to ‘ON’ so you know that you have already purchased the item and do not re-purchase the item.

If you insert in keyword tags like ‘makeup’ or ‘cushion’ in your memo, you can easily find your makeup wish list in the blink of an eye.










Try using DigitalPage to compare and contrast summer collection items and purchase the one that fits you best! DigitalPage will be responsible for your memory.

Remember beyond your memory 🙂

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