Enter to-do lists on pages

Make sure you write down your personal goals, assignments, tasks, and so on.
1. Press the three horizontal dot icon located on the bottom right corner of the page you are composing.
    When you select the “to-do” icon, you will be able to input any personal goals, assignments, and tasks on DigitalPage with specific deadlines.
2. Tasks recorded on various pages can be managed as a single list.
3. If you tap the search icon from the main page (home screen) and Touch ‘To-do’ tab as your search, located in the upper right corner, it will display lists of task recorded on several pages.
4. You can quickly find a specific task by selecting ‘To-do’ and filtering your search based on distance or tag.
5. Once you have finished the task, go to that page and mark the task as ‘complete’ to notify that the task have been completed.

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