Enter schedule on pages

Use DigitalPage to manage your schedule.

Compared to Calendar applications that only manage calendars, DigitalPage allows you to view all the records by date, calendar, and schedule information stored in your mobile device’s calendar so you can manage all your records.
1. Press the three horizontal dot icon located on the bottom right corner of the page you are composing.
2. If you select the “Event” icon, you can enter in your schedule. Select a date and choose ‘repeat’ to alert your schedule repeatedly.
3. Calendar In-line tags are applied and entered on the page.
4. Go to the calendar view screen to manage your calendar or to manage your primary calendar by entering them as your schedule in DigitalPage.
    Pressing the list button at the bottom of the home screen provides a calendar view.
5. To manage your device’s primary calendar as a schedule in DigitialPage, select the event.
    DigitalPage will enter in schedule information automatically to the schedule input window. All you have to do is press the ‘Done’ button and save the information.

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