Make your travel history with location information and photos


DigitalPage is very convenient to prepare your trip and leave your travel history.

You will be able to record in real time during the trip, and DigitalPage will show you the easy travel history tips.




Activity Logs – Place of Visit + Photo Page
It is mandatory to have camera on the trip. Many travelers take pictures to make their memories last a long time.

Save your photos at DigitalPage using the “Activity Logs” feature.

The “Activity Logs” shows not only your recent photos, but also the history of your visits.




Creating a page by selecting a log of places to visit and photos taken at that location will result in a great travel history on one page.

The place of visits log shows the place and the time spent in that place, and when you tap the place in-line tag, the place is shown on the map.




How simple is to complete a record with Just touching the activity log that DigitalPage shows?


It is also good to add a simple memo of your memory to the completed pages. It leaves more vivid memories because it contains more information than just putting the photos in the photo album.

Connect all of the pages you recorded during your trip. You will be able to check memories from you trip with checking one page only.

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