Forget apps that only lists business cards! Now manage your business cards that also leaves business history.

Manage your business cards with DigitalPage, without the need for separate apps.



The existing business card management app does not recognize the text correctly, so it is inconvenient to check and store the business card information.

DigitalPage is the easiest way to manage business cards.



Notes Business card picture & name only

If you have a new business card, take a picture and attach it to the page, and make a note of the name only. Then, a business card registration is done.! Isn’t it simple?




Apply contacts in-line tags and contact directly from the page

If you need to contact someone, you can search for names on DigitalPage and see pictures on business cards. The information you often use in actual business cards will be names and phone numbers, especially cell phone numbers. Just enter the information you need in text.
Add phone numbers when you actually contact someone without the need to register phone number every time in advance. DigitalPage Contacts In-line tags allow you to place calls directly from pages by its sync with your smartphone’s contacts. Therefore, you do not have to open the Contacts application.



Save multiple business cards with a single photo

If you meet several people at a meeting, collect their business cards and take pictures.

Just record the name on the card and you can find more information by zooming in the picture when you need it.



Benefits of managing your business cards with DigitalPage!!

Managing your business card with DigitalPage is more than just a convenience.
· Create meeting schedule and notes on page and connect it with business card page. Then, you will get not only your contacts, but your business history as well.
· Searching by contact in-line tag allows you to see all the information about certain contacts.
· Less apps to manage, less time and effort.




Do not spend more time managing your business card anymore, and try the simplest and most useful way.

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