The easiest way to achieve your reading goals and to develop your habit of writing book notes !!!


One of the goals that we do not miss each year is reading.


Everyone should have certain goals like reading two books a month and develop their career with books on personal achievement.
Manage your reading with DigitalPage. It is an irreplaceable app to keep reading habits for a long time not to be tremendous, and to achieve reading goals by taking notes whenever and wherever you read books.



Save the book title to read as a to-do
If you have a book to read, save the title in DigitalPage to-do list. It is easier to organize the book titles by period like ‘April book list’.

If you set a deadline when you set it as an in-line tag, you can easily manage the goal of reading the books.



Complete reading notes with photos and notes
As you read your book, you can also use DigitalPage to easily create your own reading notes. When you read a book, you can save the part you want to memorize as a picture.

You can complete a reading note in a short time by adding notes with a simple impression.

The date you wrote on the page remains meta information, so you do not have to leave a separate record.


Link book list with reading notes
Link book titles in your reading list with reading notes to related pages.

Do not try to write down all the impressions on a page. A short book review for day to day is enough.

If you manage your notes as related pages, a book review for one entire book will be created.



Mark all completed books as done in the To-Do lists
Mark all completed books as done in the To Do list to see if they met your goals.

With DigitalPage’s easy and intuitive feature, you can achieve your reading goals. 



Tagging with reading
If you tag the page with ‘reading’, it is convenient to collect related pages.

You can tag according to your favorite author’s name or book genre, and you also can sort by period such as ‘Reading_2016’, ‘Reading_2016_03’.



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