Manage wedding schedules


Manage wedding schedules and wedding invitations with DigitalPage.




Memo wedding dates and locations with in-line tags
Use the in-line tag to schedule wedding dates and times.
So far, it is similar to registering with existing calendar app, right? However you will not miss any wedding celebration with DigitalPage if you register exact address for wedding venue uisng in-line tags.


Attach a photo of wedding invitation to your page
If you attach photo of wedding invitation to a page, you can keep invitation letters on your page. You can also copy the link If you receive a mobile wedding invitation.


Check schedule with suggested alarm
If you register an event with an in-line tag on your page, DigitalPage will notify you in advance of your recommendation so as not to miss the wedding.

If you want to remember the congratulatory money, make an additional note on the page with such tag as ‘wedding.’ Then you can check your expenses anytime.
In addition to the wedding ceremony, you can arrange various events and expenses in the same way.








  • Timothy Morrison


    Use the in-line tag to schedule wedding dates and times.
    Don’t know what that means.

    • DigitalPage


      Hello Timothy,

      The in-line tag is the menu screen you can get by clicking the three horizontal dot icon located on the bottom right corner of the page you are composing.
      The menu will list to-do, event, place, date, contacts, reminder, and tag icons.

      You can find further information about event/date/reminder registration under the Tips section. Following link may be helpful.

      Thank you for your interest in DigitalPage.



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