Meet DigitalPage 3.0


Meet DigitalPage 3.0.

The focus of this reorganization was to improve overall usability for you to use them more conveniently and intuitively. We have reorganized the page creation and page navigation to make it easier and more convenient for you to use. We also added visualization elements such as colors, icons, and maps to add visual excitement to the memo app and allows you to visualize information more quickly.

1. Create a new page with single touch

By placing a new page creation button at the bottom, you can easily create a new page from any menu. We also placed a new page creation button at the top of the home screen. You can easily open a new page with a single touch. Touch and hold the Create new page button at the bottom to create a page by typing in a new page / schedule / task immediately.

Create a new page


2. Intuitively identify recommendations

The “recommendation” feature of the concept, which tells you what you need before you find it, is placed at the top of the home screen. It extracts only the information that the user needs from the page, shows it as text and photo, and adds icons and colors according to the type of information to provide visual cognition simultaneously. You can quickly and easily understand what you need before opening the page.

Check recommended contents on the home screen

3. Navigate to pages quickly

DigitalPage 3.0 has chosen the Calendar view as the default way to display the list of pages. You can find the schedule / tasks / pages based on the date (time). The list by date can easily be switched with a touch of a button.

View pages

4. Sophisticated filter based page searching

Page searches are now more easily done by filtering

different categories of the page you are looking for. By putting in your search terms, and selecting and identifying additional information such as page type, location, and tag information. This gets you to the page you want faster and easier.

Page search


5. Visualization of linked pages, ‘page map’

DigitalPage has implemented a new innovative approach to managing your with the ‘Linked Page’ feature, which connects linked pages together to manage information. The newly changed DigitalPage provides a visualization of the related information of the page. The ‘Page Map’ expands the related link of the current page as well as the link of the linked page. You can take a glance of what information and links your records have.

Link pages


Remember beyond your memory!!

DigitalPage makes it easy to take notes anywhere, anytime. If you need to remember what you noted, DigitalPage will help you find it.


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