View pages

Check the pages you have created by date or list.

In the calendar view, you can display the information you want to view based on the date of the schedule / task / page.


1. Select the Page view icon at the bottom of the Home screen.


2. All pages of the week including today are shown.

    To move to another week, swipe the dated area to the left or right.

3. If you select a specific date, the contents of that date are displayed. If you select one of them, you will be taken to that page.

    Press ‘Today’ on the top right of any dates to go to today’s date.

4. To view the monthly calendar, slide down the date area. You can see the page for that month. To move to the last or next month, swipe the calendar area to the left or right.

    To move to the weekly calendar, simply slide the calendar area from bottom to top.



5. Choose a list view where you can see the entire page in the order of date modified and date created.

    Click the list icon in the upper right corner of the calendar view screen. You can see the list of pages in order of last modified date.

    Click on the inactivated date in the top right corner to sort by the latest creation date.

6. To go back to calendar view, press the calendar icon in the top right corner.

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