Use Linked pages

Do you categorize records or look for the records you need every time?

If you put together linked pages, related information can be connected with each other so that you can easily find and use the information you want.


1. Press the ‘Page Map’ button at the top right of the page.
    You can see the linked pages of the page.

 2. Press and hold the thumbnail of the linked page. It enlarges the connection to the linked pages of the page.

3. You can visualize and view all the connections among pages you have created. Click the ‘Page Map’ icon on the top right of the home screen. The relationship of the page will show as a constellation, and you can see the total number of pages created and the number of connections between the pages. Each page is linked as a dot and it will be brighter for the recently viewed page.


4. If you open thumb and index finger and zoomed in, the page thumbnail is displayed. By checking the set of linked pages of the page map, you can see what contents are recorded and which records are linked.




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