Link pages – Page maps


Try linking the page to another relevant page.


1. When you finish creating a page, related records are shown as related page suggestions, making it easy to link to the page.

    Click OK to link the page.



2. If you want to link additional pages or link pages manually, click the ‘Page Map’ icon in the top right corner of the page.

    It shows page thumbnails visualizing the connection between the linked page and the referral page for the page.



1) Link referral page
    Thumbnails of recommended pages as linked pages are displayed in purple, and you can connect them to linked pages by clicking the corresponding contents.

    Up to 2 related page suggestions are available.


2) Link page manually
    Pages can be manually linked. Press and hold a page thumbnail.

    You can create a new page to link to, or you can connect through a search.


3) Delete linked page
    To delete a link on a page, touch the thumbnail of the linked page. You can disconnect by clicking Unlink.

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