Auto-created pages


1. Create your pages easier and faster with automatically created pages.

    You can create a page simply by touching any one of the activity logs on your DigitalPage app.



2. Press the page creation guide button on the top left of the home screen. The history of the last two days generated by your mobile device is shown in the activity log.
    • New or saved photos
    • Added or modified contacts
    • New or completed schedules
    • Places you have visited


    Select the activity you want to include on the page and click the ‘Create button’ on the top right corner.

    The pages will be sorted in the order you choose.


3. Pages are easily created based on these activity logs.

    Simply add a memo to the page you want to remember and you’ll have a more vivid records.


  • Rohan Mott



    I recently downloaded Digital page. A very clever app!

    I was wondering if you are planning to increase the character limit beyond 3000? Also, do you plan to incorporate document attachment to memos?

    Another suggestion I have is making tags active within memos so when clicked on it brings up all memos containing that tag – in the same format as linked pages do.

    Yours sincerely


    • 슬지 최


      Hello Rohan

      Thank you for your interest and suggestions about DigitalPage!
      We will consider increasing the 3000 character limit and examine attaching documents to memos.
      Currently, tags are not active within memos as the linked pages do. All of your suggestions will be reviewed and considered to further develop our application.

      Thank you


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