DigitalPage “Getting Started”


When was your last time you took a note?

You cannot be bothered to write a note but want to keep your eventful days or precious moments lively in your memory?

Then, how wonderful would it be if you could let your second brain take up the work and you can just focus on what needs to be done?

DigitalPage is here to remember for you.




DigitalPage is a machine learning-based notebook application.

All you have to do is just write down ideas, events, schedule and places or take some pictures.

DigitalPage provides a versatile page capable of containing all types of content and information, and you can even merge two separate pages into one when necessary.

What DigitalPage saves is not only written notes but meta-information including the location where the page was created, the type of content or tags.

The more pages are created, the more DigitalPage gets empowered to keep your memory as a whole.


Then, shall we start off by creating a page together?

First, press the create button on the bottom center at Home and write a short note.

Tap the icon bottom right of the page to add more items such as a to-do item, place or contact, etc.



   Tips for creating a page





Now you have created some pages?

Then why don’t you link the pages and see how they are connected at a glance by pressing the map button at the upper-right corner of Home.

You can see the relationships among the pages, create more pages or connect them to other pages at Page Map.



      Tips for linking a page





Press the Page Map button at the top right corner of Home to see the relations among the whole pages beautifully visualized as a constellation.

Check out on how many pages and links you have created up until now and spread the screen to zoom in each page.



      Tips for viewing Page Map





Ever felt frustrated when you were struggling to remember?

DigitalPage will help you bring it to the surface by allowing you to tap into meta-data for searching your memory.

That is, Digital Page uses additional information other than the content as clues such as the type of content, tags or even the location where you were when creating the page.



      Tips for searching for a page





Check your schedule, to-dos and pages you have created using Calendar.

Select a date at Calendar to see the pages you have created on that day, schedule and to-do items due on the date.

If you want to see all the pages you’ve created, press the List button on top right corner of the Calendar page.

You can also sort the pages by the date modified or created.



      Tips for viewing Calendar and all pages





DigitalPage leaves traces of you as activity logs to make your page-creating process simple and quick.

Photos that you have taken, places you have visited or completed to-dos are displayed if you press the notification icon at the top left corner of Home.

You can select multiple activity logs to create a single page and leave a note, which will give you an opportunity to think over the things that happened and rearrange your thoughts.


If there is anything that you have missed out on since the log covers only yesterday and today, go to “More-Settings-Page Generation” and turn on the Auto Creation setting.

With the feature on, Digital Page turns every single log into a page, so it is hardly likely that you have a missing page in your diary.


      Tips for creating a page automatically





Do you want to share your precious memory or useful information with your acquaintances?

You can directly send your pages to your family members or friends without having to going through other applications.

You can also check whether the recipient read the page if you turn on the “Receive read receipts” for the page that you want to follow up on.

You can check your received pages right away via push notification messages or by pressing the notification icon at Home.

You have great ideas or sharable information? Don’t keep it to yourself any longer. Share with your beloved ones.



      Tips for sharing a page


It is beyond your abilities to remember all appointments, to-dos, places and moments.

Let Digital Page be with you to lighten up your brain and make your life much easier.

Put your precious and important moments on Digital Page.


Remember beyond your memory  😉

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